Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Uh Oh.

Dia duit gach ceann de mo léitheoirí!

I must keep this post a secret! The last time I checked, people in 1976 didn't blog! Yeah, I got my stupid self stuck in 1976 Sacramento.

Right now, I am in the Cherrywood Apartment Complex, home of LeAnn Morrison. When I first arrived, LeAnn almost called the police!

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" She squeaked, her hazel eyes growing in fear. LeAnn moved towards the pink phone on the side of her bed. Well, I sort of panicked and grabbed her wrist.

"No! Don't!" My grip tightened. "I'm Breá, and I made a mistake while time-tra..." Her eyes got even wider as she slapped her hand over my mouth.

"Quiet!" She whispered. "We don't talk about that here!" Then, LeAnn broke into a smile.


"Istra told me you would come soon."

I was so confused! Istra has always teased me because of my intrest in time-travel. I couldn't even imagine her actually being a time-traveler.

But I guess LeAnn could see the confusion on my face, because she said, "My house is a time-traveling base, but my parents don't know." I raised an eyebrow. How could her house be a base without her parents knowing?

LeAnn was about to say something else when she looked down at my hand and saw the silver Apple. "Whoa!" She exclaimed. "What is that?"

I gave her a look. "It's my cell phone..." Nice going, idiot! I guess I had forgotten that the only 'cell phones' that existed were as big as bricks. Not to mention that Apple Inc. was established just April of that year!

So, LeAnn shook herself out of confusion and awe. "So, I'm assuming that you're a Member, so-"

"No, I'm not!"

She looked at me as if she had heard wrong. "Oh. Well, I thought since Istra was, you'd be, too." LeAnn walked over to her bedside table and opened the little drawer. Then, she took out an old, dusty looking journal. It was thick and its pages were yellowed with age. LeAnn turned around and gave it to me. "It's been forever since a Member has written in this thing. Most of them have either died or gone mad." She digs around in the drawer some more. "Like Isabelle? She's from 1488. She was tortured until she atmitted that she time traveled, poor girl. Oh! And the Murchú girl, she went insane after 'crossing time-paths' with someone."

The Murchú girl??? I always thought Breá was crazy! "I knew Breá was kind of off." I said.

It was LeAnn's turn to look confused. "Not Breá!" She shook her head "No, no. It was Álainn Murchú."

I felt hot, dizzy, and a little sick to my stomach. I've never known an Álainn Murchú. Was she a cousin? Something told me she wasn't. She's my...

"My sister," I said, tears filling my eyes.

LeAnn saw the sadness in my eyes. "Yes. She wrote many, many letters to you and asked Istra to give them to you."

So Istra is the glupaya devochka! Why didn't she give me those letters? Why didn't I know I had a sister?

"Why didn't I ever get them?" I asked.

LeAnn sighs. "Because one day, Istra said she wanted to protect you from things like this."

I was disgusted. Protect me? From what? I'm old enough to know things! I think these things out loud, and LeAnn says, "There may be just one more Murchú, but I don't know for sure. I'm still researching."

I feel wetness on my face. "How long had Istra been collecting the letters?"

"Well," LeAnn began. "Five years. Álainn is nine years old and quite mature. She first started living with me in 1969, in secret. When she was four, I wrote down the things she wanted to tell you. Two years later, she wrote the letters herself. She had always wanted to meet you."

I cry full-on then. A poor nine-year-old girl, going mad?
"What happened to her?" I asked shakily.

"She was going to go see you. Álainn wanted desperately to travel to 2012 to meet her sister. And, as soon as she left the base, I heard screaming. Then, I knew, she has crossed paths."

For all of you who don't time-travel, crossing paths is when two people are trying to go to the exact same place at the exact same time. It's extremely rare, but when this happens, the two people's bodies and minds become distorted, and they both end up with each other's worst memories.

"She started screaming about her mother, and I told her, 'But you don't remember your mother!'" LeAnn paused before continuing. "But this sent Álainn into insanity even further. Then, she collapsed and had some sort of fit." She sighs a shaky sigh. "Then she went still. So... quiet and pale-"

"STOP!" I wailed. I looked around, trying to think of a better subject. "W-What about those other Members?"

I swear I heard a sigh of relief before she said, "Oh, well, yes. There was Fabre Bordreau, who just faded into 1813 forever. And Morgan Willis, who forgot everything she'd even known. Plus Eagon Tate-"  Oh no, I thought. "-who died via poison darts in 2015..." I don't let LeAnn finish her sentence. My heart skipped a beat.

Even after the world stops spinning, ovals of light dance behind my eyelids. I drop to my hands and knees and sob. LeAnn tries to console me, but I throw her hand off. As I cry, my mind connects the dots. Eagon must have gone time-traveling after school that day, and went to 2015. But who would do such a thing to such a person?

All of this makes me realize how much I love Eagon. He's all I've got!

After this, I just wanted to be alone. I'm staying with LeAnn tonight. I must stop the post here, as my phone is almost out of battery.



  1. Dia duit, Breá

    That was a lot of news to dump on you your first day there. I'm so sorry that you lost both your sister and Eagon. I'd never known that time traveling was such a dangerous thing!


    1. Dea-lá, Saoirse!

      Yeesh, I know. But Álainn isn't actually dead, she's just lost her mind. I didn't think time-travel was dangerous, either! Now I'm kind of afraid of doing it again...