Monday, October 22, 2012

Musical Twins?

Dia duit gach duine!

I am now in a time-traveling base in 1942 Washhington with my two new accomplices, Melody and Rhyme (sorry, I can't resist stupid pun titles! :D).

Anyway, the reason I call them "musical twins" is mainly because of Melody. She is a spy who communicates using bird calls.

Melody is short and skinny with penny-colored hair, dull brown eyes, and freckles everywhere. She is quite plain-looking, but she has a beautiful voice! Her "older" brother, Rhyme, tells me that she can recognize and use over 125 different calls. The first one I heard from her was an Eagle Call. It sounded quite eerie coming from a person.

Oh, yes, and then there is Rhyme. He has his sister's hair color, but has sapphire blue eyes and no freckles. He is a secret-keeper, just like he's been for the past seven years, ever since he was six.

Before I left 1976, LeAnn told me that I was to guard the CWTTB (Central Washington Time-Traveling Base) until further notice. She seemed so upset about it, though!

The CWTTB is disguised as an old abandoned Macy's store. I stood at the entrace an hour ago, waiting for a signal, any one of Melody's bird calls. She told me to listen for the Call of the Falcon, but I don't really know what a falcon sounds like.

Me and Rhyme were waiting outside, listening. And then, we heard a loud, inhuman screeching sound. Rhyme recognized the sound immidiately and tried his best to mimic it. I probably should've followed suit, as Rhyme nodded and took off. I ran behind him, but a split second before I got throughh the door, I was flat on my face.

Someone had attacked me from behind! The person used one of their hands to hold me arm behind my back. Their other hand was used to push my face onto the dusty concrete. And worst of all,  the person's knee was pushed into my back.

"Who are you?"

Then, it hit me. Melody! Duh!

"It's me! I can't... breath..."

Melody let out a little 'oh' and released me. So now, I am inside of the base, waiting for who-knows-what to happen.

Well, I don't think I have much more to post about!


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