Friday, September 14, 2012

Enough is Enough

Dia duit do gach duine seo a léamh blog post olc.

Sorry for the solemn greeting, but excamation points just aren't in my typing vacabulary right now.

Eagon is still missing, and no one seems to notice. Not Gillian, not Mrs. Westenra, not even baby Tate, who has stopped yelling "Ee-gon!"

To make matters worse, Istra is being... weird. She has stopped insulting me, my accent, and my wild mane of curls. In fact, she hasn't said anything for the past few days.

In fact, earlier today, Istra spotted me walking around the block, which is my favorite pastime.

"Breá!" She shouted. "Idi syuda. Come here." Her black eyes were wide and serious. I slowly walked up to her, feeling very small.

"What?" I asked. And then, Istra said something that (almost) made me shriek with delight. "I know where Eagon is." Before I could ask where, I spotted a girl who looks just like me across the street. Istra sees her too and says, "Walk." Future me attempts to run after us, but Istra grabs my wrist and begins to sprint.

After a while, future-Breá. Gave up and went away. But right after she does, Istra sighs and says, "I must go now. But I'll be back."

*Fast forwarding to eight in the a.m.*

I was in the kitchen, doing nothing in particular, when Gillian walked in. "Are you sure you don't know about Eagon??" I blurt out.

She smiles. "Nope. But he might be dead!"

I scowl at her, but this makes Gillian happier!

"D-E-A-D! Duh-ED! Dead! Ha ha ha!"

"Ceart go leor! Sin é!" I yell. This startled Gillian, but not for very long. I kick her as hard as I can, right under her kneecap, and thankfully, she falls flat.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! I go up the stairs, grabbing my favorite purple jacket and the "Infinity Journal" that I have written in every day for the past 2,556 days I've had it. I stomp back down the stairs, and this time, out the door, not planning on coming back.

"Privyet, glupaya devochka." Istra's voice startles me. "Wha-? How?!" She smiles, which is rare. Then, she holds her head down slightly.

"You are watching us! Let's go!" I understand imediately, and the two of us run until we reach a nice-sized house, which I assumed was Istra's. She took the key that was around her neck on some sort of chain and unlocks the door. "Mama already knows and understands you situation, as the other you told us." she explains. "So you will stay with us." Istra smiles again.

And so, here I am in Istra's room, posting this... strangeness. Everything happened so quickly! At least I am with people who actually understand what's going on. I feelt a bit better now :)


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Dia duit gach duine!

Bad things happen when people you care about talk to your future self. Eagon disappeared.

It happened like this: I was asking Eagon for help with a project when he asked me, "What was the deal with that girl yesterday?"

"Nothing," I say coldly. "She was confused, or something."

Eagon rolls his eyes. "Sure, Breá!" And then he smiles. I frown at him. "Whatever you say! I'm going to get some paint." Just like Breá, he disappears with a pop! right before he leaves the room.

Whoa. Oh mo Dhia! Cad é?? Cén áit? Eagon! I feel around on the floor stupidly, not knowing what to expect.

And then, another pop! I swear, if I hear that sound again... It's Breá. She is sitting on my desk, looking very pleased with herself. "Dia duit, Breá! Féach leat an-iontas." She says, waving her fingers.

I am about to kick her off of the desk until... this is what she told me yesterday! Tears fill my eyes. "Eagon wasn't supposed to know he was going to disappear?"

Breá nods. "I'm surprised you couldn't figure that out!" She says. "You shouldn't have told him I was you. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

"Like I was supposed to know that!"

"D-UH! You haven't..." Breá starts.

"What? Don't do that!" I yell. Gillian yells at me to be quiet, but I ignore her.

"I was going to say that you haven't time-traveled yet."

I know it probably wasn't right to be excited at this point, but my eyes lit up. "I get to time-travel?!"

"Yeah. Very soon." Breá winks at me and smiles again.

And then, Gillian comes stomping up the stairs. "Who are you talking to?" I shake my head and ask nervously, "Do you know where Eagon is?"

She looks very puzzled. "Eagon?"

I sigh and tell her nevermind. I wish I hadn't been avoiding him.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Everything Gets Intense...

Sona Dé Sathairn, gach duine!

It seems like forever since I last blogged! Has it been that long?

Anyway, ever since Eagon told me uh... 'those things,' I have been avoiding him. But this post has nothing to do with that, (not completely, anyway)but about Breá.

Yesterday, I was taking a walk and saw something that nearly made me scream. Breá was talking to Eagon!

I ran up to her like an idiot, screaming, "Breá, cad tá á dhéanamh agat? Faigh amach as dó!"  She raised an eyebrow at me. "Why?" She asked. "No need to ask 'why?'!" I wailed. "Just go away!"

"But she hasn't done anything," Eagon piped up.

Oh le do thoil, stoptar suas! I think. Eagon sets his hand on my shoulder and says, "What's the matter? Can I not talk to other girls now?" I shake my head. "That's not another girl! That's me!"

Eagon looks confused. I am angry. Breá is laughing. Wait, laughing?

"What's so funny?" I snap. "Nothing's funny!"

Breá shakes her head. "Ha! You think you'll disappear. That's what."

"No I don't! I mean, I do, but... whatever! Just leave. NOW."

I start to panic then. For a second, I think about running back to the house, but that will do no good. I make a small squeaking sound.

Then, my future self leans next to me and whispers, "Anois féach, ní féidir a fhios aige-" then, with a faint pop! she disappears. I stare at the patch of ground where she stood two seconds ago. He can't know what? I wonder. And then, I start sobbing for whatever reason. Eagon wakes up from his daydream and tries to console me. I try not to think about this as we walk home.

Hmmm... I still have a few theories about this, but I just don't know...