Monday, March 18, 2013

Quoth the Raven

Dia duit gach ceann de mo chairde interdimensional! Although I am still rather bitter about future-me saving Valentine, I'm trying to make the best of our situation. The only person more worried about this problem is Rhyme, who seems rather upset with me.

I found him earlier, as he was sitting by a river in the middle of pretty much nowhere. Rhyme's face was screwed up, eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated on something only he could see.

"Hey?" I whisper, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Hm?" was the only reply.

"Are you...okay?"

There is a short pause before he says, "Define 'okay'."

" you still, you know, depressed?"

"Who said I was depressed?!" he snaps, then turns back to whatever he was staring at. Both his hair and eyes are illuminated by the sunset. So beautiful. The sunset! The sunset is beautiful.

"No one, I just assumed-"

I'm cut off by a loud, low-pitched whistling sound. It's Melody, signaling her return. Rhyme mimics the sound as best as he can without turning around.

"Breá? Can I see you, please?" Melody's voice says.

I turn from my spot to see Álainn, of all people!

She looks worse than when I last saw her. Well, not really, but it looks like...she's just not there. Her eyes are unfocused, and it seems like she's having a conversation with an invisible person.

Melody mutters somehing and walks away.

"Álainn," I say quietly, so I don't startle her.

"Cad ba mhaith leat?" She says coldly, probably because I busted into her 'conversation'.

"Bhuel, tá brón orm!" I say sarcastically.

"Gur mhaith leat a bheith níos fearr. Ba é sin plé tábhachtach."

"Níos tábhachtaí ná do dheirfiúr?" I hiss, sounding harsher than I intended. But on the inside, I was boiling over with emotions. I loved and hated her at the same time. It reminded me of my 'mother', who seemed to think everything was more important than me.

"Ar ndóigh ní! ach tá sé níos tábhachtaí ná mar a mbainfidh tú a bheith riamh!"

Ah, so she's still going with the idea that I'm not her sister. It hurts to know that the only family member of yours who still exists won't even accept you as family. What's even worse is that said relative has literally been driven insane.

Now I'm staring my sister straight in her face, watching as her pupils dialate and expand in anger and perhaps fear. Like a heartbeat.

"Is fuath liom I.. Tá tú."

Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say?

"Tá tú cad é? Conas is féidir leat a rá rud éigin mar sin?" Álainn screams, collapsing. "Shíl mé leat ... grá dom!"

As she writhes in apparent agony and rips out handful after handful of her hair, I watch, not knowing what to do. After a minute, she curls up on herself, howling in pain.

"You two?" Melody yells, not hiding her fear at all. She comes sprinting from her spot next to Rhyme faster than I've ever seen her move.

Without even noticing, I have already taken off, sobbing uncontrollably. The picture of my sister breaking down like that... just... uafásach. And so I ran and ran and ran until I was sure no one had followed.

As I sat and cried, I mentally cursed myself for being so impulsive. It's always been an issue, but the result has never been so horrible!

After a while, two ravens had landed beside me, one on each side. They seemed to be communicating, hopping closer to each other (and to me) with every flutter of their wings. As they reach the halfway point- right in front of my feet- they turn to look at me with large silver eyes...

And I rise to my feet, picking up a stone the size of my palm. "Go away! Get out of here, you stupid birds!"

I blink a few times to rid my eyes of rising tears. But when I stop, both creatures are gone. "Wha-?"

"Who said we're birds?"

I spin around, nearly tripping over my own feet in confusion. Next thing I know, two more pairs of silver eyes are staring me down, this time with human faces.

"Hey! How'd you- but there were - what?!" I stuttered.

The boys remain silent, their faces emotionless.

"So... are you to going to-" they cut me off, causing me to murmur angry words under my breath.

"We heard about Álainn."

I stop my mumbling and look at them.

"And we're sorry."

For what? They hadn't done anything! Or at least I don't know what they've done.

"It was an accident. Really, it was."

"What was?"

"Your sister."

"Álainn is not an accident!"

"We know."


They didn't seem startled. Neither one of them even flinched. But I did I was frightened by the sound of my own voice.

And like Álainn, I fall to my knees, but I don't cry. I just stay there, shaking as if there was really something wrong with me.

Moments after me, the boys are on their knees. One of them has started to stroke my arm. The other squeezes his hand between the ground and my face, lifting me so that I'm sitting on my heels, facing him.

"We hope Álainn gets better," the first one says, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"And you, too," the other says, hugging me from behind.

And then I'm trapped between the two strange boys, their bodies warming mine. It feels strangely right, and I don't want to have to leave it.

Soon, I fall asleep, dreaming of the two ravens circling my body.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cruinne Malartach

Dia duit, saol nua-aimseartha! Happy (extremely belated) New Year and (not-so-belated) Valentine's Day!

I hope your Valentine's was better than mine. I spent the day in 269 AD Rome, witnessing the execution of Saint Valentine, which is the reason I didn't sleep that night. But... something went... extremely wrong that didn't have to do with Valentine.

However, right now, I am in 2019 Tokyo, which is just about the farthest I've travelled into the future. And you know, I've always wanted to go to Japan, but I never thought of the downsides: This is the most obvious, I don't read or speak Japanese even the people who do speak English, their accents make it difficult for me to even tell that they are speaking English, my accent is apparently too diffucult to understand. And most important... I'm not supposed to exist. In fact, I don't. At least, not in the universe you guys are (hopefully) living in.

When Rhyme, Melody, and I  were in 269, outside of Flaminian Gate after the Saint's decapitation, I stumbled on my own foot as we were escaping. Of all people, theexecutioner is the one to hear me. And then he turns. Rage, confusion, hatred, and something else I will never be able to understand. All in one stare. Soon, he was staring me down, beady black eyes locked on clear hazel.

Why is he looking at I didn't understand until he growled, "Murchú."

"Huh?" I can't help but squeak.

He turns to a weeping young woman and yells at her, "It's a Murchú!" in Latin.

And I'm being grabbed by the arm. And dragged across a square-shaped sort of courtyard and onto a long. Gravel road. Soon, we find into a big marble building with an engravement above the doorway with words I can't understand. I continue to spring as long and as hard as possible, and Rhyme keeps a tight hold on my arm. The three of us turn into what looked like a library, with two men just around the corner.

One is standing tall, looking quite calm while his accomplice is babbling excitedly about a certain blonde little girl who stopped an execution. As the speaking one finishes his speech, the two turn and Rhyme grabs my hand and bolts in the opposite direction.

We turn several corners before finding an empty square room which seems to serve no purpose at all.

"You two!" I hiss, "What's going on?"

A torch I didn't notice is lit and I see Melody's hair stringy with sweat, and Rhyme's tear-streaked face. "Shh!" he scolds. "Someone will hear!" I lean back against the cold stone wall, crossing my arms.

"Breá was here earlier!" the twin manages to say, choking on a sob. "She tried to stop the execution, but-" more crying "-but she... succeded!" The older boy trails off into a stream of strange syllables and sniffling before falling forward into his sister's arms, sobbing fiercely, muffling the sound in Melody's chest.

"But if she succeded, isn't that good?" I ask, confused.

"No," comes Rhyme's weak, broken voice. "Valentine's executiton is the reason you're alive! That crying woman, Juventas, would have went on to marry Valentine if Breá had not failed in this universe. But by saving Valentine, Breá ended the entire Murchú family tree. Not only that, but she's created a whole other alternate universe where Murchús aren't around."

It takes a while for this to sink in. "!"

Rhyme sniffs and sits up a little, with Melody gently stroking his drying cheeks. "Since Valentine lives, the man who was going to marry Juventas will die without marrying, just not in this reality."


"That man was the last Murchú!"

"My God."

I let my head droop towards my lap, as a burning sensation rises in my eyes, mouth, and nose. "No. Just.No."

We let a heavy silence wash over us as I try my best to comprehend what just happened. Melody's hand comes to rest gently on mine as I see her mouth move ever so slightly to form the words "I'm sorry."

After what seems like forever, we see three pairs of feet under the door. One pair is hopping from foot to foot almost nervously. "Yes, Father. Okay, you two hurry!" a girl's voice says. In the tiny room, the air stills as we hold our breath, praying that we don't get caught.

Suddenly, the door opens slowly, revealing two identical boys, both with chin-length black hair and wide silver eyes. The two stare at us with the same awed expression. One is playing with a button on a small pouch that wraps around his waist. "Nona?" The other says, not taking his eyes off of us.

"What?" The girl's voice says coldly.

"There are... children in our storage!"

We hear hard, angry footsteps in the hallway before a tall, pale brunette pops her head in the storage room. Not even paying attention to us, the girl stomps over to the wall where the torch is mounted (narrowly missing my fingers) and snatches it up. She then waves it around for a minute before it is in front of Rhyme's face. The girl (who I'm assuming is named Nona) puts the torch in each of our faces, studying us carefully.

"Oh my word!" Nona shouts, dropping the torch to cover her mouth with both hands. "It's th-the Murchú!"

The boy with the pouch reaches a small hand into his pouch and pulls out a black ball with the numbers 2-0-1-9 blinking red on the front.

"Put that away!" Nona screeches, picking up the forgotten torch. "We are not helping that criminal!" We sit and watch, unable to think or speak as Nona takes off down the hallway.

The boy with the ball leans down and thrusts the cold metal into my hands. "Take this and do not come back here." His brother says to me.

"But why? And where is she going?" Melody asks, speaking aloud for the first time. Rhyme's shaking hand moves up to her forearm and squeezes.

"Because you have to. Nona is going to try to burn the rest of those," he jerks his head toward the ball, whose numbers have grown brighter. "You must leave because of this."

The boy reaches into his puch again to reveal a long smooth stone that says Nona Paulius, capta per Vulcanus. Rhyme and Melody's eyes are blown wide, staring at the stone.


"'Capta per' means 'captured by'" Rhyme murmurs.

"And Vulcanus is the god of fire." Melody finishes.

Before there is a loud beeping sound and I am having the life squeezed out of me by the force of time-travel, I hear one last thing from one of the boys.

"We will find you."


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mo Misean Chéad

Dea-lá ar fud an domhain (nó ar bith eile pláinéid :) !

I am currently on my first assignment for Ambrose, Kassandra's younger sister. Ambrose is aware that Melody and Rhyme aren't supposed to be Members anymore, but the twins weren't officially banned.

Our assignment is supposedly "simple." We are to go to the house of a farmer in 1588 to retrieve a message for Istra. As you can imagine, I am really angry at Istra right now!

Anyway, Rhyme tells me Melody loves being in the 1500s, because of the long dresses and corsets. I personally think these underslips and petticoats are just a nuisance. We got our message a couple of hours ago, and it looked like this:

"Et ipse est in cellario."

The messages are in Latin, so I have no idea what this means. But from what I can understand, it says:

"And is in cellar."

What does that mean? Strange!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Cailín Eile

Dea-tráthnóna do gach ceann de mo léitheoirí!

In the past week, I've gotten to the twins really well. For instance, I know that Melody has 4,971 freckles (Rhyme has counted them all), and that she has a bad reaction to the word 'cathedral.' Rhyme doesn't like for people to see him cry (who does?). Both twins are born on Febuary 28 of 1998, and Rhyme had a girlfriend!

"She wasn't my girlfriend!" He yelled.

"Alright, alright! But she was a girl who was your friend, right?" I asked. Rhyme scowled at me and sighed. "Yes and no. She was my friend, but I liked her a lot more than a friend."

"So what did you like her as?"

"I have no idea. I never thought about that. At least, not until what happened to her." He paused for a long moment, until I can't help myself.

"What happened?" I blurted. Whoops. Bad question. Rhyme ran a hand through his hair, put his face in his hands and shuddered.

"Can you keep a secret?"

I nodded quickly. "Well, it's sort of a long story, but Melody and I aren't supposed to be Members." I raised an eyebrow, and Rhyme added, "I think it had somethhing to do with the cathedral-"

He was cut off by Melody letting out a distressed wail. "Anyway, her name was Nyssa. She was so... intriguing. Nyssa was a hypnotist. She could make anyone do anything she wanted whenever she felt like it. Along with that, she time-traveled."

Rhyme paused for a moment, as if to be dramatic. And he continued, "So one day, she was in 1230, but she used a forbidden Base, where no regular Members could go." Why? What sense does that make? "When she got back to the present, a Member found out and banned her from time-travel. Well, Nyssa didn't like that. So, she went to 1762 Ireland, but not before destroying the Base."

I cock my head to one side. "And you love this girl because-?"

"I'm getting there!"

"Okay! Yeesh!"

"Anyway, she just so happened to travel to the exact time and place where Melody and I were. We were doing something for Kassandra (you'll meet her later)."

"What were you doing in a cathedral?" I asked, before Melody wailed again.

"QUIET! Yes. There was a coded message for us, and we were told to retrieve it. So, we heard your favorite sound, that little pop! " he smiled at me, and I gave him a friendly elbowing in the ribs. "We saw Nyssa's shadow and thought we were in big trouble. So Nyssa said, 'Why on Earth are you two snooping around here?'" Rhyme paused to tell Melody to stop making that whimpering noise. "But Melody and I had already heard from a messanger named Julius about what Nyssa had done. Melody said, 'Why did you destroy the Base?' Well, that sent the girls into a frenzy. I broke them up and said, 'Look, we know what happened. You can travel with us if you want.'"

"Rhyme, stop, please!" Melody whimpered.

"Nyssa accepted," Rhyme continued, apparently not listening to his sister. "And we traveled together for almost a year."

"During that year, you fell in love with her?"

He nods. "One day, we had to go back to the cathedral-" I'm sure you know what happened next. "STOP THAT! But it turned out, Julius somehow found out about Nyssa's illegal time-traveling, and was waiting at the cath- church! for us. 'Sorry about this,' he said, and the other nasty surprise: a time bomb."

I gasped loudly. A time bomb is basically a portable time machine, but it can only take you back to the present. They usually hurt a whole lot more than regular time-travel, too.

"Nyssa tried to run past Julius, and get to the altar where Kassandra's message was. But the problem is, she was out of the time bomb's range. Julius set it off, and BAM! Melody and I were blasted back to 2009 before we could help Nyssa." A long pause. "When we regained conciousness, Kassandra unofficially kicked us out of the organization. We were supposed to have our memories erased, but we escaped into a forest in 1082. Some other Members, rebels helped me and Melody get through, though."

I see Rhyme has flushed dark pink with sadness. Tears ran down his cheeks, and he didn't try to hide it. I put my arms around him, trying to comfort him. Melody came over and tapped on her brother's shoulder. The twins walked over to the area where Melody was laying.

They talked in low voices all night. I felt strangely alone and began to wish more than ever that Eagon was with me. Rhyme seems to be okay now, but I still think that maybe I shouldn't have been so curious? What's even worse is that Rhyme really does care about Nyssa. To be honest, I've gotten really attached to Rhyme. So hearing about Nyssa kind of made my heart sink. Even worse is that me liking Rhyme makes me feel guilty about Eagon, because we loved each other! Aggh!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Musical Twins?

Dia duit gach duine!

I am now in a time-traveling base in 1942 Washhington with my two new accomplices, Melody and Rhyme (sorry, I can't resist stupid pun titles! :D).

Anyway, the reason I call them "musical twins" is mainly because of Melody. She is a spy who communicates using bird calls.

Melody is short and skinny with penny-colored hair, dull brown eyes, and freckles everywhere. She is quite plain-looking, but she has a beautiful voice! Her "older" brother, Rhyme, tells me that she can recognize and use over 125 different calls. The first one I heard from her was an Eagle Call. It sounded quite eerie coming from a person.

Oh, yes, and then there is Rhyme. He has his sister's hair color, but has sapphire blue eyes and no freckles. He is a secret-keeper, just like he's been for the past seven years, ever since he was six.

Before I left 1976, LeAnn told me that I was to guard the CWTTB (Central Washington Time-Traveling Base) until further notice. She seemed so upset about it, though!

The CWTTB is disguised as an old abandoned Macy's store. I stood at the entrace an hour ago, waiting for a signal, any one of Melody's bird calls. She told me to listen for the Call of the Falcon, but I don't really know what a falcon sounds like.

Me and Rhyme were waiting outside, listening. And then, we heard a loud, inhuman screeching sound. Rhyme recognized the sound immidiately and tried his best to mimic it. I probably should've followed suit, as Rhyme nodded and took off. I ran behind him, but a split second before I got throughh the door, I was flat on my face.

Someone had attacked me from behind! The person used one of their hands to hold me arm behind my back. Their other hand was used to push my face onto the dusty concrete. And worst of all,  the person's knee was pushed into my back.

"Who are you?"

Then, it hit me. Melody! Duh!

"It's me! I can't... breath..."

Melody let out a little 'oh' and released me. So now, I am inside of the base, waiting for who-knows-what to happen.

Well, I don't think I have much more to post about!


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Dea-lá do dhuine ar bith a léann mo bhlag!

Okay, so, I'm still in 1976 for a few reasons:

1) I'm afraid of time-traveling now!
2) LeAnn wants to tell me about past Members.
3) (this is the most important) I got to see my sister.

Anyways, I'm sure you all want to hear about my encounter with my deirfiúr, so here it goes!

I had been waiting for at least an hour, down in LeAnn's room. She had went up to her old room, where my sister has been hidden for seven years. There was only one problem: every four seconds, I'd hear a crash! or a thump!  Thank goodness her parents were away!

Of course, I'm that curious girl who would try and see what happens when you open a shaken soda bottle.  So, I put on my slippers and tip-toed out of the room. I walked around the apartment until I found the wooden staircase, and listened.

Here is what it sounded like:

"Come here!!"

I began to wonder what in the world they were doing, so I went as quietly as possible up the stairs. But I don't think being quiet would have mattered, because thouse two were absolutely battling.

Álainn's eyes were wide open and wild. She looked like she was trying to escape LeAnn's grasp. LeAnn was holding my sister by her middle, aand both girls were yelling. Álainn's legs flew in the air, knocking over a small lamp. She finally escaped, but LeAnn knocked her over, and held her down. My sister cried furiously, trying again to get away. I personally wanted to tie them both down, mainly LeAnn. As Álainn relaxed, LeAnn said, "Okay. Now do you think you can control yourself?" Álainn nodded, and that's when I ran back into LeAnn's room.

I hear footsteps, and LeAnn opens the door.

"Oh my." I hadn't gotten a good look at Álainn while the two were fighting, so I was completely unprepared.

She doesn't look anything like me! I have honey-colored hair and hazel eyes. Álainn has bright red hair in a messy braid and watery blue-green eyes. I wonder which one of my real parents she looks like?

LeAnn motions to the bed, and Álainn plops down next to me. LeAnn sits to my right.

"So, Álainn, this is Breá." LeAnn says.

Álainn's face crumples. "No she isn't." Ouch. What makes her statement even worse is her voice. Álainn's voice is quite... dark. She sounds more like a grown woman than a nine-year-old.

"Yes," LeAnn insisted. "She is."

"Nope. My sister is blonde."

Okay, I have no idea who she could be talking about. But she seemed pretty sure about it. Then, I decided to speak up.

"Álainn, I am your sister! Don't you rember me?" I asked hopefully.

"No. Do you remember me?" Álainn asked.

That kind of threw me for a second. How do you tell your sister that you didn't know about her until twelve hours ago?

"Umm, no. But-" I began, but Álainn interrupted. "Well what kind of sister are you??"


"A really bad one!" I never knew a sister of mine could be so cruel!

I really wanted to raise my voice, but Álainn had bursted into tears. So instead, I pulled her close to me. After a few minutes, she pulled away and ran for the door.

"Hey! Get back here!" LeAnn said, and went after her. Álainn almost made it to the stairs when she got tackled by LeAnn. LeAnn got elbowed in the face and let Álainn go upstairs. "Well, she has the fighting spirit of any other Murchú!" She says.

I swallowed hard. "What about the other Members?" I asked, just like the last time. LeAnn seemed relieved at the change of subject.

"Yes, well, I think I should tell you about the organization." She began. "It is a group to keep time-travelers safe from people who want to abolish it."

Hm. Back in County Down, there was a group of men and women who tried to destroy the time-traveling base. I wonder...

"Anyway, in this organization, you have a job." LeAnn started again. "There are investigators, secret-keepers, spies, and base guardians."

Ooo, this sounded exciting! But I knew it wasn't supposed to be, so I kept quiet. "What are you?" I asked.

"I'm a secret-keeper. If you ask me, I think you should be a base guardian."

I kind of let out a little 'ha!' to this. I can barely guard my own sister! How does she expect me to guard a time-traveling base?

"In fact, I might need you to guard a 1942 base for me!" LeAnn says, smiling.

Whoa. I wasn't expecting that!

All of you time travelers out there, are you a part of this mysterious organization? I must know!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Uh Oh.

Dia duit gach ceann de mo léitheoirí!

I must keep this post a secret! The last time I checked, people in 1976 didn't blog! Yeah, I got my stupid self stuck in 1976 Sacramento.

Right now, I am in the Cherrywood Apartment Complex, home of LeAnn Morrison. When I first arrived, LeAnn almost called the police!

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" She squeaked, her hazel eyes growing in fear. LeAnn moved towards the pink phone on the side of her bed. Well, I sort of panicked and grabbed her wrist.

"No! Don't!" My grip tightened. "I'm Breá, and I made a mistake while time-tra..." Her eyes got even wider as she slapped her hand over my mouth.

"Quiet!" She whispered. "We don't talk about that here!" Then, LeAnn broke into a smile.


"Istra told me you would come soon."

I was so confused! Istra has always teased me because of my intrest in time-travel. I couldn't even imagine her actually being a time-traveler.

But I guess LeAnn could see the confusion on my face, because she said, "My house is a time-traveling base, but my parents don't know." I raised an eyebrow. How could her house be a base without her parents knowing?

LeAnn was about to say something else when she looked down at my hand and saw the silver Apple. "Whoa!" She exclaimed. "What is that?"

I gave her a look. "It's my cell phone..." Nice going, idiot! I guess I had forgotten that the only 'cell phones' that existed were as big as bricks. Not to mention that Apple Inc. was established just April of that year!

So, LeAnn shook herself out of confusion and awe. "So, I'm assuming that you're a Member, so-"

"No, I'm not!"

She looked at me as if she had heard wrong. "Oh. Well, I thought since Istra was, you'd be, too." LeAnn walked over to her bedside table and opened the little drawer. Then, she took out an old, dusty looking journal. It was thick and its pages were yellowed with age. LeAnn turned around and gave it to me. "It's been forever since a Member has written in this thing. Most of them have either died or gone mad." She digs around in the drawer some more. "Like Isabelle? She's from 1488. She was tortured until she atmitted that she time traveled, poor girl. Oh! And the Murchú girl, she went insane after 'crossing time-paths' with someone."

The Murchú girl??? I always thought Breá was crazy! "I knew Breá was kind of off." I said.

It was LeAnn's turn to look confused. "Not Breá!" She shook her head "No, no. It was Álainn Murchú."

I felt hot, dizzy, and a little sick to my stomach. I've never known an Álainn Murchú. Was she a cousin? Something told me she wasn't. She's my...

"My sister," I said, tears filling my eyes.

LeAnn saw the sadness in my eyes. "Yes. She wrote many, many letters to you and asked Istra to give them to you."

So Istra is the glupaya devochka! Why didn't she give me those letters? Why didn't I know I had a sister?

"Why didn't I ever get them?" I asked.

LeAnn sighs. "Because one day, Istra said she wanted to protect you from things like this."

I was disgusted. Protect me? From what? I'm old enough to know things! I think these things out loud, and LeAnn says, "There may be just one more Murchú, but I don't know for sure. I'm still researching."

I feel wetness on my face. "How long had Istra been collecting the letters?"

"Well," LeAnn began. "Five years. Álainn is nine years old and quite mature. She first started living with me in 1969, in secret. When she was four, I wrote down the things she wanted to tell you. Two years later, she wrote the letters herself. She had always wanted to meet you."

I cry full-on then. A poor nine-year-old girl, going mad?
"What happened to her?" I asked shakily.

"She was going to go see you. Álainn wanted desperately to travel to 2012 to meet her sister. And, as soon as she left the base, I heard screaming. Then, I knew, she has crossed paths."

For all of you who don't time-travel, crossing paths is when two people are trying to go to the exact same place at the exact same time. It's extremely rare, but when this happens, the two people's bodies and minds become distorted, and they both end up with each other's worst memories.

"She started screaming about her mother, and I told her, 'But you don't remember your mother!'" LeAnn paused before continuing. "But this sent Álainn into insanity even further. Then, she collapsed and had some sort of fit." She sighs a shaky sigh. "Then she went still. So... quiet and pale-"

"STOP!" I wailed. I looked around, trying to think of a better subject. "W-What about those other Members?"

I swear I heard a sigh of relief before she said, "Oh, well, yes. There was Fabre Bordreau, who just faded into 1813 forever. And Morgan Willis, who forgot everything she'd even known. Plus Eagon Tate-"  Oh no, I thought. "-who died via poison darts in 2015..." I don't let LeAnn finish her sentence. My heart skipped a beat.

Even after the world stops spinning, ovals of light dance behind my eyelids. I drop to my hands and knees and sob. LeAnn tries to console me, but I throw her hand off. As I cry, my mind connects the dots. Eagon must have gone time-traveling after school that day, and went to 2015. But who would do such a thing to such a person?

All of this makes me realize how much I love Eagon. He's all I've got!

After this, I just wanted to be alone. I'm staying with LeAnn tonight. I must stop the post here, as my phone is almost out of battery.