Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mo Misean Chéad

Dea-lá ar fud an domhain (nó ar bith eile pláinéid :) !

I am currently on my first assignment for Ambrose, Kassandra's younger sister. Ambrose is aware that Melody and Rhyme aren't supposed to be Members anymore, but the twins weren't officially banned.

Our assignment is supposedly "simple." We are to go to the house of a farmer in 1588 to retrieve a message for Istra. As you can imagine, I am really angry at Istra right now!

Anyway, Rhyme tells me Melody loves being in the 1500s, because of the long dresses and corsets. I personally think these underslips and petticoats are just a nuisance. We got our message a couple of hours ago, and it looked like this:

"Et ipse est in cellario."

The messages are in Latin, so I have no idea what this means. But from what I can understand, it says:

"And is in cellar."

What does that mean? Strange!


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