Sunday, October 21, 2012


Dea-lá do dhuine ar bith a léann mo bhlag!

Okay, so, I'm still in 1976 for a few reasons:

1) I'm afraid of time-traveling now!
2) LeAnn wants to tell me about past Members.
3) (this is the most important) I got to see my sister.

Anyways, I'm sure you all want to hear about my encounter with my deirfiúr, so here it goes!

I had been waiting for at least an hour, down in LeAnn's room. She had went up to her old room, where my sister has been hidden for seven years. There was only one problem: every four seconds, I'd hear a crash! or a thump!  Thank goodness her parents were away!

Of course, I'm that curious girl who would try and see what happens when you open a shaken soda bottle.  So, I put on my slippers and tip-toed out of the room. I walked around the apartment until I found the wooden staircase, and listened.

Here is what it sounded like:

"Come here!!"

I began to wonder what in the world they were doing, so I went as quietly as possible up the stairs. But I don't think being quiet would have mattered, because thouse two were absolutely battling.

Álainn's eyes were wide open and wild. She looked like she was trying to escape LeAnn's grasp. LeAnn was holding my sister by her middle, aand both girls were yelling. Álainn's legs flew in the air, knocking over a small lamp. She finally escaped, but LeAnn knocked her over, and held her down. My sister cried furiously, trying again to get away. I personally wanted to tie them both down, mainly LeAnn. As Álainn relaxed, LeAnn said, "Okay. Now do you think you can control yourself?" Álainn nodded, and that's when I ran back into LeAnn's room.

I hear footsteps, and LeAnn opens the door.

"Oh my." I hadn't gotten a good look at Álainn while the two were fighting, so I was completely unprepared.

She doesn't look anything like me! I have honey-colored hair and hazel eyes. Álainn has bright red hair in a messy braid and watery blue-green eyes. I wonder which one of my real parents she looks like?

LeAnn motions to the bed, and Álainn plops down next to me. LeAnn sits to my right.

"So, Álainn, this is Breá." LeAnn says.

Álainn's face crumples. "No she isn't." Ouch. What makes her statement even worse is her voice. Álainn's voice is quite... dark. She sounds more like a grown woman than a nine-year-old.

"Yes," LeAnn insisted. "She is."

"Nope. My sister is blonde."

Okay, I have no idea who she could be talking about. But she seemed pretty sure about it. Then, I decided to speak up.

"Álainn, I am your sister! Don't you rember me?" I asked hopefully.

"No. Do you remember me?" Álainn asked.

That kind of threw me for a second. How do you tell your sister that you didn't know about her until twelve hours ago?

"Umm, no. But-" I began, but Álainn interrupted. "Well what kind of sister are you??"


"A really bad one!" I never knew a sister of mine could be so cruel!

I really wanted to raise my voice, but Álainn had bursted into tears. So instead, I pulled her close to me. After a few minutes, she pulled away and ran for the door.

"Hey! Get back here!" LeAnn said, and went after her. Álainn almost made it to the stairs when she got tackled by LeAnn. LeAnn got elbowed in the face and let Álainn go upstairs. "Well, she has the fighting spirit of any other Murchú!" She says.

I swallowed hard. "What about the other Members?" I asked, just like the last time. LeAnn seemed relieved at the change of subject.

"Yes, well, I think I should tell you about the organization." She began. "It is a group to keep time-travelers safe from people who want to abolish it."

Hm. Back in County Down, there was a group of men and women who tried to destroy the time-traveling base. I wonder...

"Anyway, in this organization, you have a job." LeAnn started again. "There are investigators, secret-keepers, spies, and base guardians."

Ooo, this sounded exciting! But I knew it wasn't supposed to be, so I kept quiet. "What are you?" I asked.

"I'm a secret-keeper. If you ask me, I think you should be a base guardian."

I kind of let out a little 'ha!' to this. I can barely guard my own sister! How does she expect me to guard a time-traveling base?

"In fact, I might need you to guard a 1942 base for me!" LeAnn says, smiling.

Whoa. I wasn't expecting that!

All of you time travelers out there, are you a part of this mysterious organization? I must know!


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